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Ruma Pipi

This room is shared by infants and toddlers, predominantly this space is for our younger tamariki and we work with a ratio of 1:4.  We like to have a maximum of 8 tamariki in the ruma Pipi with up to 3 kaiako ma.  

While this is the space for our younger tamariki we treat all tamariki individually - meaning there is no age limit in the Ruma Pipi.  Some tamariki need longer in the Ruma Pipi than others, and that is absolutely ok!  When tamariki are ready to progress into the Ruma Paua they will begin a transition process where their whanau kaiako will work together with their whanau to ensure they are ready to move up into the ruma Paua.  


Ruma Paua

This room is shared by toddlers and young tamariki. This is our bigger space for our ‘older’ tamariki, we work with a ratio of 1:6 with up to 26 tamariki.   Sometimes this bigger space where the daily routines have a bit more structure and there are more tamariki can be daunting to new tamariki who have never experienced preschool life before - in these situations they may find it easier to settle in the Ruma Pipi, and that is also absolutely ok, we are flexible to the needs of our tamariki and whanau and work together to ensure everyone is happy and settled in there chosen space. 


Our Environment

To cater to the differing needs of our tamariki we have two areas within our preschool environment.  We have a smaller space for our younger tamariki called the Ruma Pipi and a larger space called the Ruma Paua.  Both these areas have their own fully fenced outdoor play area.  Here at Kohungahunga o te Hoiere we know that all tamariki learn and develop at their own pace, therefore we treat each child as a unique individual and work with whanau during the enrolment and settling process to decide which environment will suit their child best. 

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